Hi... I am Robin Sunny, from a forest village called Inchathotty near by Neriamangalam, The Gateway of High Range. My village is surrounded by forest from three sides and the other side covered by Periyar River, The Beautiful River of Kerala...

A Travel Guide to Inchathotty

Hi friends, I like adventures and wild life photography.... If you also like,  I would like to give some tips for an adventurous trip to Inchathotty. This village is located near to Neriamangalam (3.5 Km), On the way to Munnar(Kochi - Madhura Highway NH 49). Inchathotty is appx. 75 Km away from Ernakulam. If you plan a trip to Inchathotty, You can also consider Munnar(60 Km from here), Thattekad (15 Km) and Boothathankett for a visit.  You can find the route map attached below...

One of the Longest Hanging Bridge in Kerala (Across the Periyar River)

Inchathotty Suspension Bridge
The bridge is inaugurated recently, and this also one of the attraction of this small forest Village.

 Length183 meter,  Width 4 feet 

A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. This type of bridge has cables suspended between towers.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Water Steams
Ranikallu (Emblem of Jhansi Rani)
If you likes the green nature and the water streams from the forest, you must select monsoon season for a visit. From June to October. 

 The best time for the wildlife photographers will be summer season.
After monsoon, October to April is the best time for trekking, watching birds,good for seeing wild animals, boating through Periyar etc. In this dry season, can stay in forest(On small tends in suitable places or in trees) for watching wild animals as well as birds and can take photographs.

One of the longest Arch bridge in kerala
 If you want to enjoy the trip,then you must plan for at least two days in this village.There is no place for stay(rest house and hotels are not available in this village).

The Challenges and Dangers
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
 There is no govt. boat service near by Inchathotty,  if you need a boat then small boats are available(Thonni, Vallam, Vanchi), only if you knows anybody from this village who can arrange a boat for you. The water in Periyar is too deep in these places, This is a dam site(Boothathankett), but you can swim in water in some places without danger if your guide knows these places well

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
In monsoon, it not good for Trekking. Blood sucking leeches(Thotta puzhu) will be there in this season. The forest will be so thick and there for the presence of wild animals cannot be predicted (Elephants).

If you enter the forest with out any direction from somebody who knows this forest very well will be dangerous. The wild elephants, snakes, pythons etc. may become dangerous for you.

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Do not hunt any animals, birds, snakes from this forest, Do not carry guns with you. Do not involve any activities which may destroy the natural environment over there(forest fire). Save trees save life...